Laser Repair Service

Our service technicians have been servicing all brands of lasers System (Welding, Marking, Engraving, Trimmer, Cutter…etc) in Singapore for over ten years. We offer competitive prices, fast response times, and friendly service. Our services include laser repair, planned maintenance, and technical support. Our Master Laser Technicians have years of experience and training, they are fully qualified to diagnose, service and repair your laser equipment.

  • Assessment of the problem with identification of potential component failures
  • A complete list of your options, including: refurbished laser heads, power supplies, and more
  • Optional purchase of new equipment
  • Professional and highly technical support
  • Documentation needed to perform the repair or service that is tailored to your specific needs
  • Years of experience and know-how that are not provided in the manual
  • Spare parts for your machine and laser at lower costs provided by many suppliers
  • Immediate in-stock items to expedite your repair and get you up running as quickly as needed

We do provide service and support for YAG Laser & Laser Welder Product:

  • NEC Pulsed M800C, M801C, M801CH, M802E, M806E
  • NEC CW SL545A-5, SL545A-10, SL545A-20
  • NEC SL412, SL465, SL475K, SL577A2, SL578, SL579

Please feel free to call or write to us to know more how we can assist you.