Wafer Marker SL473 Series

Laser marking system for semiconductor wafers.
Marking product names, lot numbers, control numbers, etc. on the front or reverse-side(※1) of wafer surface.
(※1)OPTION: reverse-side marking

It is applicable not only Si and GaAs wafer, but also new generation material such as SiC and GaN by model SL473DT2 equipped UV laser.

System Line-up:

  • New model for new generation material (DT2)
  • Basic model for Low-volume processing (DS2)
  • High Throughput model for high-volume processing (FS4)
  • 12inch model (GS3)

SL473DT2 (4,5,6 inch)

  • 3,8inch
  • multiple size

SL473DS2 (4,5,6 inch)

  • 3,8inch
  • multiple size

SL473FS4 (5,6,8 inch)

  • 4 inch
  • multiple size
  • 4 carriers

SL473GS3 (12 inch)

Special & Advantage

Realizing stable & high quality marking and long term maintenance free by air cooling type LD pumped laser and laser output automatic correction function.

High system extensibility of option function such as marking checking function by Wafer-ID reader(※1),
Online communication software(※1) & others.

Feature 1: Easy operation
  • Easy operation by user-friendly 15 inch LCD touch panel
  • Flexible wafer-size changing function by recipe changes (※1)

Feature 2: Saving history
  • Production record, Error record, Communication records are saved in log file.

Feature 3: Various Applicable marking
  • Switchable front-side/Reverse-side marking (※1)
  • Soft marking
  • Hard marking (※1)
  • Marking on GaAs wafer (※1)
  • Marking on SiC, GaN wafer (SL473DT2)

  Soft Marking    SiC    GaN


Items SL473DT2 SL473DS2 SL473FS4 SL473GS3
Laser Type Nd:YLF laser(THG)
Nd:YLF laser(SHG) λ=523nm
Character Font SEMI-OCR (Dot, Engraving) , OCR-B (Engraving)
Marking Target Wafer surface observe-side (Option: Reverse-side, Both-side)
Throughput(※1) 70pcs/h 70pcs/h 240pcs/h 140pcs/h
Available numbers of Carrier 1 1 2 (Option: 4) 1 (Option: 2)
Wafer Size 4, 5, 6 inch
(Option: 3, 8 inch, multiple size)
5, 6, 8 inch
(Option: 4 inch,
multiple size)
12 inch
Input power supply required AC200V±20V, 15A , Single phase, 50/60Hz AC200V±20V, 20A, Single phase, 50/60Hz
Vacuum utility -77±10kPa, 0.01㎥/min
Compressed air utility More than 490kPa, 0.01㎥/min N/A More than 490kPa, 0.01㎥/min
Other major option Online communication software, Dust collection unit, Wafer ID reader, others
Approx. 1,100(W)×1,200(D)×1,500(H) Approx.
Main unit Weight Approx. 600kg Approx. 630kg Approx. 900kg

(※1)Marking condition: Character size 1.6mm, 12 Characters, 5×9 dots, one shot
(※2)Projection portion is not included.