Exposure for LED AEGIS-LED Series



Recently, with consideration for environment, light emitting devices using LED (Light Emitting Diodes) is popularized rapidly. AEGIS-LED is the exposure system for one shot full wafer exposing projection, adopting MLA method*1 for LED development and manufacturing.
*1 : MLA = Micro Lens Array. V-Technology developed the MLA optical technology through development of high definition exposure system, AEGIS-HR, for FPD.


Stable and uniform exposure to whole surface of wafer

This system projects transfer patterns without lens aberration on the whole surface of wafer by adopting the MLA technology, and can avoids unstable LED quality caused by exposure. Moreover, this system has wide range focusing depth and handles defocusing caused by wafer distortion.

Low operation Running cost

This system avoids damaging masks because of exposure method which realize noncontact between photo mask and surface of wafer ,and reduce operation cost.

High throughput

This system achieves high throughput with two stage mechanism.


This system is for applying the process of LED chip pattern forming described below.

  • Forming PSS pattern
  • Forming transparent electrode
  • Forming pad electrode