Inline PE-CVD*1 System for Deposition of Antireflection Film



As clean energy source not emitting CO2, the demand of “solar cell with high efficiency electric power generation” is now increasing, which provides high efficiency electric power generation per unit area, small size panel area, manufacturing cost reduction.
This PE-CVD deposition system for mass production was developed to efficiently form high quality antireflection film*2 for the solar cell, which greatly serves to improve electric power generation efficiency.*3
*1 : PE-CVD(Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)
*2 : Antireflection film is the film which is formed on silicon substrates to enhance the absorption of sunlight on solar cells. It is called “Non reflective film” or “AR film”.
*3 : This system was jointly developed by Japan Production Engineering Laboratories Inc. and V-Technology Co., Ltd.


Mass production for antireflection films with high refractive Index

This system can handles mass production of SiN films with high refractive index at high homogeneity and reproducibility of film thickness and quality.

High yield

This system provides high controllability of film thickness and quality and achieves 99% or more high yield.

High operation rate

Auto self cleaning function significantly reduces down time for cleaning and the recovery time of the film property after cleaning, and can considerably improve effective and actual operation rate.