FPD Critical Dimension Measurement System Venus Series



Venus series measure extreme fine dimensions of various thin film patterns processed on glass substrates, especially line width, aperture size and dimension between layers, at high speed and with high accuracy.
In the FPD manufacturing process, plural layers of patterns are overlaid to form TFT and CF. These patterns are designed in submicron size and the pattern manufacturing accuracy is normally lower than 0.1 μm.This system supports Quality control by measuring a line width of patterns formed on substrates.


High speed measurement

High speed measurement is available as an option.

Various kinds of optical systems

This system provides light sources and microscopes corresponding to materials consisting of various patterns.

Immediate use of inspection data for quality control

Measurement data is available for upstream system to support making decisions for Q.C.


LCD related

Pattern dimension measurements of TFT and CF substrates
Photo mask : Pattern measurement of photo mask

OLED related

Metal mask : Pattern measurement of metal mask


Measurement data is created in the format which is available for upstream system and can be output to various processes.