FPD Inspection System Capricorn Series



Capricorn is the defect inspection system and achieves many defect inspections in the FPD manufacturing process, especially in LCD manufacturing process.
This system detects various defects that occur in each FPD manufacturing process and serves to control quality of mass production line.


High defect detectability

Various types of defects can be caused in panel/substrate and all of them are met necessary to detect as Quality Control management. To focus on critical defects which are relate to panel quality defects, this system adopts inspection camera, image processing system and machine mechanism optimized to defect clarified defects for each LCD manufacturing process and achieves defect inspection with high accuracy. It results in avoiding the detection of artificial defects which make it difficult to inspect and inspecting defects for a short time.

High operability and reliability

This system is design to consider operability and reliability and achieves safe and user-friendly operation and stable running.

Inspection data base for quality control

This system provides inspection data to utilize directly for quality control by online system.
Quality Controller can grasp quality issue in real time by online system and allow QC to take action efficiently.


Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) related

TFT substrate : Array pattern inspection, Resist pattern inspection after development, Pattern inspection after etching.
CF substrate : Color filter pattern inspection, Pattern inspection such as BM, R, G, B, PS, ITO process, CF finished product inspection.
Panel alignment (CELL process) : Seal inspection, Alignment layer inspection, Photo Spacer inspection.
Photo mask : Inspection for pattern drawn on photo mask.

OELD related

Back plane : TFT pattern inspection.
Metal mask : Metal mask pattern inspection.

Plasma Display (PDP) related

Front plate : ITO pattern inspection, Electrode inspection, PDP inspection.
Rear plate : Rib pattern inspection, Electrode inspection, PDP inspection.