FPD Macro Review System Asteroid II Series



In the FPD manufacturing process, some defects can be detected only by the human eye, not by machine.
Asteroid Ⅱ was developed to support the visual inspection efficiently and allow inspector to defect inspection without overlooking.


Light source for various observations to shorten inspection time

This system implements various unique optical systems for illumination to facilitate visual inspection and enables shortening observation time.

Immediate use of inspection data base for quality control

This system provides inspection data to utilize directly for quality control by online system. Quality Controller can grasp quality issue in real time by online system and allow QC to take action efficiently.

Microscope observation function

This system provides observing defect areas with a microscope.


LCD related

Glass substrate : Glass substrate inspection
TFT substrate : TFT mura inspection, Visual inspection after development, Visual inspection after etching
CF substrate : Color filter visual inspection
TFT/CF substrate alignment (CELL process) : Alignment layer visual inspection