FPD Repair System Jupiter Series



Jupiter is the system to repair various defects that occur on substrates in the FPD manufacturing process. This system has a good record of sales* and accounts for over half of the system market share of the FPD manufacturing process, especially the LCD manufacturing process. Jupiter can improve panel production yield, especially can dramatically improve it durlly ramp-up period
(*As of the end of September, 2011).


For various repairs and measurements

This system includes the functions such as polishing, ink filling, laser forming to repair various defects as standard. In addition, it is equipped with the microscope for defects analysis and its clear images provide various easy analyses such as measurements of defect size and pattern line width.

High operability and reliability

This system is designed to consider operability and reliability and achieves safe and user-friendly operation and stable running.

Inspection data base for quality control

This system provides inspection data to utilize directly for quality control by online system.
Quality Controller can grasp quality issue in real time by online system and allow QC to take action efficiently.


LCD related

TFT substrate : Array pattern defect repair
CF substrate : Color filter defect repair
TFT/CF substrate alignment (CELL process) : Alignment layer defect repair
Photo mask : Photo mask pattern repair

OELD related

Metal mask/Substrate : Defect repair with laser