FPD Total Pitch Measurement System Mercury Series



Mercury series measure total pitch (distance between any two points) of various patterns processed on glass substrates. In the FPD manufacturing process represented by LCD, before manufacturing one substrate is completed, many layers of patterns are overlaid to form the substrate. These patterns are designed in submicron size and FPD for smartphones especially requires finer patterning. This system support Quality control by measuring total pitch of patterns formed on substrates and serves to improve the yield and quality of LCD in the whole factory.


High accuracy

This system achieves the highest accuracy for total pitch measurement and manages production of displays equivalent to or greater than 300 pixels per inch (ppi).

High-speed measurement

High speed measurement is available as an option.
Immediate use of Inspection data base for quality control
Measurement data is available for upstream system to support making decisions for Q.C.

Fine pattern measurement

This system measures dimension of fine patterns as well.


LCD related

Pattern position (total pitch) measurements of TFT and CF substrates.
Photo mask : Total pitch measurement of photo mask

OLED related

Metal mask : Total pitch measurement of metal mask
OELD : Pattern position (total pitch) measurement of EL substrate


Various photo mask measurements, MEMS measurement