Autofocus Device Uranus Series



Uranus is an autofocusing device which employs contrast focus system comprising one axis control function. Its unique algorithm has successfully realized high speed and highly repeatable autofocus control, and newly added follow-up focusing function (optional) makes further focus time reduction possible. Besides, Uranus comes in the following two types, providing easier device configuration.(Lineup) Board type model for direct connection to PCI bus/Rack type model for smooth integration.


Unique processing technology for edge enhancement operation

  • Configuring the optimum numbers of AFV sampling, high speed focusing can be realized, which reduces the forcusing time to one third of conventional one.
  • Employing with the unique logic, this device is capable of acquiring the optimum AFV peak, successfully increasing focus repeatability, repetitive focusing at the identical position, by more than three times than the conventional one.

User friendly system configuration

  • One axis control function.
  • Various parameter settings are available possible with the use of utility software.
  • Selectable from either PCI board type or special rack type.

Environmental friendliness

  • Lead-free substrate employed.

Camera Link compatible

  • Uranus supports Camera Link, telecommunications standard for high resolution camera.
  • Adoption of higher frame rate camera realizes higher speed autofocusing.

Uranus series specification

Model Special Rack type PCI Board type Special Rack type PCI Board type
Focus system Contrast Auto Focus
Applicable camera TSC standard, VBS output NTSC or Camera Link (Base configuration)
Control axis One-axis control, CW CCW differential output
Sensor input Limit sensor, Origin sensor
External encoder input 1 line A/B-phase pulse
I/O Emergency Stop, AF execution start, During AF execution, AF error , etc
I/F RC-232C or PCI bus (REV2.2, 32bits / 33MHz)
Power supply AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz 2A or below AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz 3A or below
Dimensions (mm) 320(W)×370(D)×80(H)
three-board structure

(Main board, Image I/O board, Communication board)

three-board structure

(Main board, Image I/O board, Communication board)

  • Need discussion about applicable camera.
  • Specification may be changed for improvement without notice.