Laser Processing Device Callisto Series



A laser processing device, Callisto has been added to our product line up, to respond to the growing demand of the semiconductor and FPD market. Callisto is an easy to use for switching the wavelength, and the output wavelength is selectable for various processing purposes. The V-Technology’s original optical system layout allows the laser to output efficiently with the selected wavelength, enabling high precision laser processing.
The laser oscillator enables the repeated laser output power 100mJ or more per one pulse, in the wide range up to 60Hz from single shot. An area four times larger than before can be processed at high output power, and a standard equipped XY-θslit mechanism enables high precision control of laser processing. Moreover, flexible laser processing is realized using rhombus shaped slit (option). As sufficient consideration for the safety is taken, and the device is lead-free, and interlocks are provided in necessary places of the device, conforming to JIS6802.


  • High speed repeat laser oscillation 30Hz/ 60Hz.
  • Multi wavelength oscillation 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm.
  • High power, large area laser processing.
  • High grade laser processing.
  • User friendly color LCD touch panel.
  • High level of visibility by white LED light.
  • High power, High precision adjustable unit.
  • Reduction of disturbing factors by lightweight sealed chassis.
  • Ease for maintenance structure.
  • Equipped with RS232C or LAN interface.

Callisto series specification

Name Callisto
Type VL-C30 VL-C60
Oscillation 1 – 30Hz single shot 1 – 60Hz single shot
(3mm square)
R 1064nm 12mJ
G 532nm 8mJ
B 355nm 2mJ
V 266nm 1mJ
RG 1064/532nm 5/4mJ
GB 532/355nm 3/2mJ
GV 532/266nm 3/1mJ
RGB 1064/532/355nm 4/3/2mJ
RGV 1064/532/266nm 4/3/1mJ
RBV 1064/355/266nm 2/1/0.5mJ
RGBV 1064/532/355/266nm 2/1.5/1/0.5mJ
Oscillation system Water-cooled, Internal circulation type
Nd: YAG Laser
Pulse width 5 – 7 nsec
Laser energy control Hi / Lo ND-filter
Attenuator 1000 Step
Cable Both sides detachable robot cable
(Signal cable, High voltage cable, Cooling water tube) Standard length= 3M
Extension cable (option)
Slit Carme 3Axis-θ Max. 6mm-square X.Y Independently variable θ ± 45°
(Square, Rectangle)
Carme 4Axis-2θ Max. 6mm-square X.Y Independently variable 2-axis independent rotation θ ± 45°
(Rhomboid, Parallelogram)
Touch panel
Operation function

Wavelength switching / Repetition frequency Setting / Output variable (Hi / Lo, ND-filter Attenuator 1000 Step)
High intensity LED guide light control / Slit variable / Number of shots setting / Macro software for processing / Error code display

Operation button

Emergency stop / Start key / Output jog dial / Laser shot /Slit joystick (Option)

Cable Signal Cable: Standard length = 3M,
Extension code(option)
Laser power supply

Cooling device

Power system IGBT power supply
External control LAN / RS-232C
Dimension / Weight Laser Oscillator 154(W) × 102.5(D) × 349(H)6kg
Slit Carme 3Axis-θ 154(W) × 120(D) × 79(H)1.6kg
Carme 4Axis-2θ 154(W) × 120(D) × 115(H)2.6kg
Power supply / Cooling 350(W) × 455(D) × 350(H)28.5kg
Operation panel 350(W) × 206(D) × 45(H)2kg
Power usage AC 100V Single-phase 10A@30Hz / 15A@60Hz (with earth)
Expendable supplies Flash lamp, DI filter, Purified water
Environment of usage 20 degrees C 5 degrees C
30 – 60% (non condensing)
Class 1000 recommend
  • *This device is equipped with the safety measures which comply with JIS-C6802.
  • *The product information is subject to change without notice.