Exposure for Photo Alignment Process for VA Display AEGIS-PI Series



Nowadays, LCDs, which adopt photo alignment technology to provide high image quality and energy saving, attracts considerable attention. AEGIS-PI*1 is the unique exposure system *2 for LCD with our original scanning exposure technology. Receiving high evaluation from our customers, the system has gained a 100% market share among the exposure systems. V-Technology has been evolving advanced technologies as a photo-alignment exposure based on Optical technology, precision control technology and image processing technology having been accumulated for inspection systems.
(As of the end of September, 2011)
*1 : PI of AEGIS-PI stands for polyimide.
*2 : The exposure system is used for making electric circuits for semiconductor and LCD panel on the substrate. The system is key device for FPD industry.


High alignment accuracy

High alignment accuracy ±1.5μm is realized by our core technologies ; identify previous patterns proceeded on the substrate and adjust position of photo mask, on which master pattern is drawn, to align previous patterns before expose in real time. (As of the end of September, 2011)

Resistant to dust and foreign objects. No common defects.

Unique scanning method limits the risk of common defects which is caused by particle on the photo mask.

Cost reduction due to small-size photo mask

As the photo mask size becomes larger, it results in higher production cost and tends to be more expensive. In AEGIS, a small-size photo mask can be applied by small-size exposure light source and it leads to substantial cost reduction of the mask.
High productivity
This system achieves high-precision and continuous exposure at a smooth and constant speed by adopting the airflow transfer, which is the technology to float a glass substrate with air and to transfer it continuously without contact. It successfully enhances the productivity, comparing to discontinuous exposure.