Polarization Film Production System for 3D-TV AEGIS-3D Series



Recently, 3D TVs on which people can enjoy 3D images at their home are becoming familiar.
Among various 3D methods, AEGIS-3D series are the production system of the polarization film for Film Patterned Retarder (FPR*1) 3D-TV.
The exposure system plays an important role in the production system and applies the technology which we established by developing other exposure system.
*1 : FPR type 3D TVs require circular polarized glasses. Special glasses for FPR type 3D TVs are lightweight and comfortable to wear and don’t have any limitations of signal receiving area. Therefore, people can be relaxed to enjoy 3D images. A bright image and less viewing angle limitationprovide bright screen with flexible angles.


High alignment accuracy

With the CCD camera and the image processing, this system tracks alignment patterns on the film to simultaneously adjust position to expose and achieves ±10μm exposure alignment accuracy. (*As of the end of September, 2011)

High productivity

Roll to Roll production system with high alignment accuracy is enable to product films efficiently.

Resistant to dust and foreign objects. No common defects.

Unique scanning method limits the risk of common defects which is caused by particle on the photo mask.